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Swirling Mass Departs

Cliff swallows are cousins of barn swallows and purple martins. They have long, narrow wings, forked tails, and weak, tiny feet. Incredibly graceful in flight, they feed on the wing, catching insects in their wide mouths; they can effortlessly make abrupt changes in direction or speed as they feed. There is a large population that arrives in San Juan Capistrano, California (about an hour south of Los Angeles) in March and departs in October. They winter in Goya, Corrientes, Argentina. [courtesy National Day of Calendar] Continue reading “Swirling Mass Departs”

There’s a current hit on the country music charts by Luke Combs called When It Rains It Pours. From the title it sounds like it will be just another song about misery. The opposite is true. The guy’s luck turns to gold when his girl walks out. He gives credit for his new-found luck to the fact she left and adds, “I ain’t gotta see my ex future mother-in-law anymore”. I love that line. It brings to mind all sorts of situations, but I hope it doesn’t apply to me. Continue reading

To me Kentucky means the Derby, Fort Knox, horses, and the twice a year huge quilt exposition in Paducah. It is a grand place to live and play. Continue reading

Breast Reconstruction Awareness

So far I am one of the lucky ones. I have not had to deal personally with the emotional journey of breast cancer. It is still easy for me to say aloud what treatment I would choose if I had to, but a very close RN friend of mine has told me, “When it happens to you, the diagnosis does funny things to your head.” Continue reading “Breast Reconstruction Awareness”

Straight Edge Movement

I had never heard of the Straight Edge movement so decided it would be good to share this new information (to me) with you. “Straight Edge is a subculture and subgenre of hardcore punk whose adherents refrain from using alcohol, tobacco, and other recreational drugs. The movement adopted the term from the song “Straight Edge” by the 1980s hardcore punk band, Minor Threat.” [courtesy National Day of Calendar] Continue reading “Straight Edge Movement”

Who’s Really My Boss

It’s National Boss’s Day 

Who is your boss

The person who owns the company you work for

Or the manager of a place owned by a conglomerate

Or the head of your department

I’m thinking…who is my boss

My husband because he works and I don’t

Perhaps my children, if I admit they run the house

or they used to anyway

and I still run when they call


Who is it that gets me out of bed to let him out

Who sleeps in my chair while I sit on the couch

Who can open the screen door by himself, but waits for me

Who won’t eat out of his bowl if the bottom is showing

Who chases others of his kind off our property

Who makes me vacuum more often than I would like to

You guessed it….the CAT

He does indeed control a lot of my actions while I’m home

Thankfully he has no other employees to boss when we travel

Okra is Slimy

Originating in southern Louisiana during the 18th century, Gumbo is a dish that typically consists of a strongly flavored stock, meat or shellfish, a thickener and seasoned vegetables which may include celery, bell peppers and onions, known in Cajun cuisine as the “holy trinity”. The dish is commonly served over rice. Gumbo arose from a West African word for okra, which many believe is how the name and the ingredient got intertwined. Continue reading “Okra is Slimy”

Thank You to the ER Nurses

Have you ever been to the emergency room? Probably. Think about your nurse a minute. I know, you are thinking about how long you spent there. Ignore that for now. My point is they have to be all around aware, ready for anything. There might be a bee sting allergic reaction in one room, a broken leg in another room, a heart attack in the next , and another patient that can’t breath for some unknown reason in the following. The ages of the people they care for is also all over the place. I’d say they deserve a major portion of respect and thanks just for dealing with the variables. If they can do it with a smile and show some empathy they get an extra couple of gold stars. I would add more accolades if they take the time to explain what they are doing or can answer questions in lay terms without seeming rushed. Continue reading “Thank You to the ER Nurses”

My Mom Did It

As a youngster our family birthday tradition was we got to pick the menu for that day and Mom would make a scratch two-layer cake and decorate it with the frosting color of our choice. My dinner was baked ham with pineapple and clove, mashed potatoes and peas. My cake was a Chocolate Town Special (recipe used to be on the Hershey’s bitter cocoa can)  with white frosting and piped sky blue pink designs. Before frosting the cake Mom would wash a dime and push it, standing up, into the bottom layer. The four of us girls, Mom, her friend Doris and maybe a couple of extras would be on hand when the cake was cut. Who ever got the dime was supposed to have good luck all year. I don’t remember opening presents, but I have fond memories of those cakes. Continue reading “My Mom Did It”

A Family Dynamic/Flash Fiction


“Mom, I’m thinking of bringing home a girl.”

“What’s holding you back.”

“She has no idea we’re Jewish.”

“Haven’t you talked religion?”

“Only to the point we both admit we believe in God. She thinks I play poker on Friday nights, then sleep late on Saturday.”

“Isn’t that deceptive? What does she do?”

“Calls it her ‘girly night’ to go out drinking with friends “

“Why haven’t you told her you’re Jewish?”

“Because I wasn’t sure she would date me.”

“I don’t think religion is the big sticking point it used to be. What’s her name?”

“Debbie Wesson.”

“Wesson, as in Wesson Oil or Smith and Wesson?”

“Actually she’s a Smith and Wesson great-great-granddaughter.”

“Does her name come with money?”


Pregnant pause. “Does she shoot?”

“Yes, and hunts, cleans and eats what she kills.”

“Why on earth would you even get to know….what would one call her, a redneck?”

“She’s not a redneck, she’s a realist. Refreshing compared to some of our idealistic cousins.”

“Son, our whole family is white collar.”

“She’s studying law just like I am.”

“It doesn’t sound like she thinks like us.”

“So you’ll accept a non-Jew only if she shares your political beliefs?”

“I’m sure your father will see it that way.”

“Please Mom, what you are not saying?”

“The problem is her background. We will not tolerate an NRA supporter in this house. I strongly suggest you tell her you are Jewish and use that as an excuse to stop seeing her.” Click!



Show Some Love

I love the picture shown for this day of Do Something Nice. It depicts at what an early age a person enjoys an act of kindness. It is a little stereotypical in that the boy is doing something nice for the girl. Oh well. The kids are cute as can be. Continue reading “Show Some Love”

Enjoy the Fresh Air

No this isn’t going to be a recollection about how I walked more than a mile to school, in the snow, uphill both ways…… I’m sure you have heard your grandparents or parents tell that tale a time or two. I lived seven miles from my school (K-12 all in the same sprawling building) and had to ride the bus every day. It was a treat for me when I would stay overnight with a friend in the town my school was in and we could walk home. I don’t remember the distance, but I do know it took of forever, not because it was so far, but because we were talking, looking at flowers, petting dogs, and goofing off. It was fun especially after sitting still all day in class. I never did that very well, still don’t. Continue reading “Enjoy the Fresh Air”

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