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My New Desk

Well that was an unexpected week away from my blog! I’m back with a better organized work space, and a grand sense of accomplishment.

For the past few years my computer monitor has been sitting on my husband’s mother’s old desk and my keyboard and mouse have been sitting on a folding tray table I could lower enough to be able to type away in an ergonomically correct position. Functional yes, appearance and space wise, a big fat ugh… I finally convinced my husband a new desk with a pull out shelf for the keyboard was a wise decision. Continue reading “My New Desk”

Value the Salesperson

I believe a good salesperson is one who likes other humans, has good people skills to start with, comes to work on time, is loyal to their brand and boss, and can smile despite any personal problems. Continue reading “Value the Salesperson”

Freedom Isn’t Free

This day is observed to honor the 3,500 Americans who lost their lives or were wounded on December 7th when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and gave the U. S. reason to enter WWII.  Continue reading “Freedom Isn’t Free”

Control What You Can-Flash Fiction


“In the past three weeks, we had to move into our new house before the painters and rug layers were done, there were two deaths in my wife’s family and our daughter was in a car wreck and can’t go back to work.”

“How are you coping with such trials?”

“I’m a patient man, but I want answers. I’m praying a lot.”

“How about your wife?”

“I helped her unpack the quilting room and I cut fabric for her to sew, then sent her to lunch with her friends. She felt better after accomplishing something and receiving healing hugs.” Continue reading “Control What You Can-Flash Fiction”

Warm Feet

National Sock Day was declared to celebrate matching socks. The calendar says if a pair can stay together through washing, drying and sorting it is a magical thing and worthy of note. I think it has more to do with the human that takes them off rather than any magic, but I do know some people who need magic to have it happen. Continue reading “Warm Feet”

A Healthy Snack

The National Day of Calendar tells me there are over 7,500 varieties of apples and over 7.5% of the world’s production comes from the USA. I have had the good fortune to live in two areas of the states that are known for apple growing; New York state and Washington state. There is nothing like driving past the orchards when the blossoms are out in the spring or when the trees are heavy with fruit. The smell is wonderful and the taste buds react instinctively.  Continue reading “A Healthy Snack”

Preserve Some For Later

There’s nothing like fresh vegetables out of the garden, or maybe from a farmer’s market. One way to have the same freshness during the winter is to preserve your own. This is the first ever Mason Jar Day, and that is your main tool when you want to “can your own.” Continue reading “Preserve Some For Later”

Keep a Look Out

I’m lucky. I haven’t heard of any packages disappearing off anyone’s porch in my neighborhood, but I know it happens. With two days ago being cyber Monday, today is the day people start looking for their purchases. I could be wrong, but I think this is the heaviest delivery day for  UPS, Fed EX and the post office. That being said, it is also the best day for thieves to spirit packages away from unsuspecting receivers.  Continue reading “Keep a Look Out”

Delivery Drivers

We have all become accustomed to on-line shopping, me included. But have you ever taken a moment to think about the driver of a UPS or Fed-Ex truck? My son is a UPS driver, going on 25 years with the company. His shoulders are shot from all the heavy lifting, the eighteen (or so) inch step out of and into the truck over 200 times a day has gotten to his knees and he gets to see his daughter on weekends, because at the age of five, she is usually in bed by the time he gets home at night. On an exceptionally light delivery day during the year he might get home by 7pm; between Thanksgiving and Christmas it is usually close to 10pm.  I’m not trying to complain, just educate. Yes, he makes good money, but it comes with a price. Continue reading “Delivery Drivers”

Five Chores a Day

 “Mom, I found these in the picture drawer. What are they?”

A tear formed when I saw some of my mother’s hand written lists. “Grandma didn’t feel like she accomplished anything unless she could cross five chores a day off a list.”

“But this just says; wash dishes, do laundry, clean cat box, write notes, get hair cut. Aren’t those normal things?”

“That’s when she got older. Read another one.”

“Finish quilt, write blog, edit flash fiction, write some poetry, get necessary fabric.”

“Was she always so busy?”

“That’s not busy, those were the hobbies she did every day.” Continue reading “Five Chores a Day”

Keep Them Open

I’m guilty……I order from Amazon…..but only when I can’t find what I want locally. Why, you ask? It is so easy to shop in your pajamas, just look online and click that button to order. The excitement about getting a package builds, and the anticipation of your new whatever carries you through the waiting period, even if it is only two days.  Continue reading “Keep Them Open”

Happy Thanksgiving

To all my blog followers, may you have a happy, food filled Thanksgiving, if you live in the United States. Some of my closest writing community friends live elsewhere, so I wish you a happy holiday season. I know not all family gatherings are enjoyable, so I urge you to spend time with the people who do make you feel positive, re-energized and ready to tackle another calendar year. Life has its ups and downs so I wish you more ups than downs. Continue reading “Happy Thanksgiving”

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