Hi Folks.  I am an aspiring author that needs a social media footprint.  This is one step.

You know those weird National Day of whatever it might be that day, like hot dogs, or tapioca pudding, that you hear about.  I don’t know where they come from, or how they got started, but I do know every time I hear one mentioned, it evokes a memory  or two.

I hope you will come by often to share my memories of what comes to mind when I check the calendar that day.  Some of what you read here may be something that one of my characters experiences.  I find a bit of myself in all of them, as you can only write what you know, or can gain from another person.

My first family saga is finished.  Well, let me clarify.  Something you write can always be edited or completely rewritten, so it’s finished for now.  It is in need of an agent that can’t put it down during the first reading, and a publisher that agrees.  Bear with me, I dream big.

Thanks for joining me.  I’ll keep you updated about the progress of my first novel while I share what made me the person I am today.