I’ve never thought much of sour candy, other than lemon balls.   When I was young, Sweet Tarts, was the sour candy of choice.  When I got them on Halloween, I gave them away or traded them for anything with caramel in it.

Speaking of Halloween, I grew up in a one block town, literally.  My sisters and I, along with our mother, could sit at the kitchen table and go from house to house on each side of the street, name the adults, children if any, and pets.  We did this one evening to count the number of dogs in town.  Who remembers why.  We also knew which house gave the best candy, or treats on Halloween.  One lady gave out homemade caramel popcorn balls.  Big ones.  I went to her house first.  Another lady wanted us to come in, sit down, and chat while we had doughnuts and cider.  We went there last because it took so long.

In the mid 1970’s my father turned our childhood home into an antique shop.  On Halloween he gave out what were then $1.00 candy bars.  Though he never locked the shop, he never had a break-in.  He would tell people those huge candy bars were his security system because the older teens in town protected his property.  We agreed with him.  He taught us one got better results with sugar, than by being a sour-puss.

I can’t tell you what the sour candy choice of today is.  I still only eat the lemon balls.