This one I had to talk with my husband about.  A cowboy, technically, is someone who rides a horse in order to herd cattle.  He may also perform other ranch duties using the horse as his transportation.  In the Midwest, and Southwest, these jobs remain today.

My first thought of a cowboy was John Wayne, especially in True Grit, or James Garner playing Maverick.  I could go on, but I’m dating myself.  Not really cowboys, but “men who won the west.”

I am going to have to ask my grandson if he knows what a cowboy is.  His video games have super heroes and military men whose only function seems to be, kill something.  I don’t like those types of games.  He assures me he knows it is only pretend.  Then I think back.  Was my generation any different when we played cowboys and Indians and the Indians were always the losers.  When we played in the woods behind my parents house, no one ever wanted to be the Indian.

It seems history always has it’s set of losers.  When you analyze it, it isn’t very pleasant.  Our earth never has been a place of peace for everyone.  It makes me sad.

P.S.  When my novel gets published, you will meet some people that participate in the rodeo.  I guess you could call them cowboys and cowgirls.  Mary, Becky and Penny compete in barrel racing.  Milt and Vince used to ride brahma bulls, but don’t any more because the bull won.  They don’t let it get them down.  Milt shows us we can be happy with life, no matter what it  hands you.