When I was little I watched “Sky King,” “Mighty Mouse,” “The Rifleman,” “Felix the Cat,” and “My Friend Flicka.”  Commercials weren’t quite so insulting to the intelligence back than.  Maybe it was because I was a naïve youngster and didn’t know the difference.  One of my favorite’s was Farfel the dog singing about NESTLE’S Chocolate.  Nestle’s Quick came out in 1948, even before I was born.  There has usually been a box in the cupboard no matter where I have lived.  (Makes great flavoring for frosting especially if you want a brown color.)  My grandson prefers HERSHEY’S syrup.  He likes to squeeze the bottle!

My father was very difficult to buy Christmas presents for.  You could guarantee he got work clothes, underwear, cashews, and CADBURY Milk Chocolate with fruit and nuts.  We never dared sneak a square off the bar because it would be too noticeable.

Today there are many more companies that make milk chocolate.  One can stand for a few minutes in any big grocery store candy aisle contemplating whether to try an international brand or stay with an old stand by.  I don’t waste my time.  I buy what I know is good and no one will complain about.  M&M’s.

When my husband and I first started dating, he would bring me flowers and M&M’s every couple of weeks.  Just because.  I had to ask him to stop with the M&M’s.  I can’t leave them alone if they are in the house.  When we go to the neighbor’s to play cards, the M&M bowl calls to me from the doorway.  Thankfully candy bars don’t do that.

I can’t think of anyplace I have worked that at least once a week a fellow employee hasn’t said, “I need chocolate!”  It’s a real necessity in an office.  Even when I worked in a quilt shop, there was a secret stash of Hershey’s kisses.  You had to be “in the know” to know where they were hidden.

I’ve had the opportunity to visit Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco a couple of times.  If you look up toward the city proper there is the Ghiradelli Chocolate Company.  Take a ride in a cable car and visit it if you get the chance.

And we can’t forget Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Hanukkah.  What would we do without our chocolate treats on those days?  Any day is a good day for chocolate, milk or otherwise.

P.S.  In my novel, Secret Lifelines, (not yet published) Rick brings See’s chocolates to Millie.  See’s is a Pacific Northwest favorite.