Now that I have your attention, let’s have a little fun.  The following sentence will include five, yes, five, national days.

Let’s get gnarly about chicken wings for an appetizer, lasagna for the main course, then after dinner put on fresh lipstick while talking in the elevator.  It’s also System Administer Appreciation day (that refers to your IT person.  I had to look it up.)

According to the calendar of national days, get gnarly means get excited, or worked up about.  I don’t know about you, but someone just mentioning chicken wings gets my saliva glands excited.  I live very near the original home of Buffalo Wings so I’ve had some really good ones.  It seems they are smaller than they used to be.  And now they have so many sauces it’s hard to keep track of which I like best.

Moving on to lasagna.  It’s one of the things my husband doesn’t order in a restaurant anymore because he is always disappointed.  It’s never as good as mine.  I’ll share one of my secrets.  Make it ahead without cooking the noodles, then freeze it.  Let it thaw slowly, then heat through until bubbly hot.  The freezing and thawing melds the flavors more.  Oh, another tip, I use a lot of oregano.

Now that dinner is over, fresh lipstick is a must.  If you wear it.  I don’t.  My lips aren’t even and it’s apparent if I put lipstick on.  Besides, I just chew it off.

So now all we have to do to make the day complete is talk in an elevator.  This refers to actually speaking to someone you don’t know while riding between floors instead of staring at the door, the numbers, or your phone.  I’ll even let you get away without making eye contact.  All you have to do it say, “Have a good day.”  You never know, it just might be the nicest thing the other person has heard all day.  I promise it won’t hurt you.

Let’s get back to those chicken wings.  When my generation was young, eating the wing was not a treat, unless you liked the crispy skin.  Then some genius decided to make them a delicacy by putting hot sauce on them.  Have you ever paid attention to the number of pounds consumed, or maybe it’s sold, for that big football game the first weekend in February.  It doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things, but I think if you knew, you could win a bet about it in order to get a beer to go with your wings the next time you have them.