This mutt definitely has a face only a mother could love, or any young boy or girl who has been begging for a dog.

My father always said a mutt would be less likely to be high-strung than a specific breed of dog and a female is often less aggressive than a male, with fewer bad habits.  He also advocated the smallest female in the litter was the best choice because to survive it had to be smarter, making it easier to train.

When I was growing up there were lots of dogs in my little hometown.  Most of them were mutts.  The neighbor across the street had a dog named Heinz because the owners said it had at least 57 varieties of breed in it.  My mother thought that was a really good name.  There weren’t leash laws then and I don’t remember people picking up piles in their yards either, we always watched so we didn’t step in them and complained loudly when we did.

I don’t think mutts are as common today.  Maybe I am wrong, but most of the people I know have full-breed dogs.  I probably shouldn’t admit this in print, but I’m not a dog person.  The fact your schedule is contolled because you own one is not somethng I want to adhere to.  I know, they are loving, loyal and always glad to see you, but so is my husband and I don’t have to make sure I get home at a specific time to let him out.  Dogs also take a lot of your time to teach them how you want them to act.  Personally, I’ll keep my cat.  I can leave for a few days whenever I want, and he has no problem training me.