According to statistics only about 10% of the earth’s population is left handed.  It’s interesting that the scientists can’t figure out why.  One of my older sister’s is a leftie, but can do lots of things right handed.  And if you are a golf watcher, you know Phil Mickelson is right handed, but plays left.  Odd, I’ve never heard it explained how he came to do that.

I’ve been in a store where they only sell things for left-handed people.  If I remember correctly it’s on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.  They had things like scissors, hand turn can openers and monogrammed pencils for youngsters.  I didn’t find anything in the store I could use, but I loved visiting the Wharf.

We need to give lefties a break.  They are forced to read labeled tubes of stuff upside down and backwards.  What?  Go get your toothpaste tube and hold it like you would a pencil.  If you are right handed the lettering is right side up and reads from right to left.  Now, transfer it to your left hand in the same position.  See what I mean.  Good thing it’s only toothpaste and the fine print isn’t very important.  I did look at my Chap Stick and that is labeled for a left-hander.  I guess it’s only fair.

I’ve been making quilts for a long time.  I love the colors, the creativity and forming something useful and beautiful from a pile of little pieces.  I teach some basic quilting classes and after everyone introduces themselves, my first question is, “Is anyone left handed?”  That is important, because how they cut their fabric using a rotary cutter, mat and ruler is opposite how a right-hander does it.  For the best results when cutting, use the ruler as a friend and measure with that, not the mat.  The piece you are cutting should be under the ruler and the excess fabric should be to what ever side your prominent hand is.  I guarantee more precise cuts if that general rule is followed.

Next time you go out to dinner with friends or family.  Be polite, let the leftie pick their corner first, so you can both enjoy your meal without banging elbows.  You will both appreciate being more comfortable.