I know someone who would never dream of wearing another person’s cast off clothes (because of germs.)  My feeling is if you give them a good wash, your body will never know the difference and your wallet will be happier.

I am jealous of the woman who can eat all day, and not gain any weight; or the one who no matter what she puts on, looks great.  I don’t fit in either category, and I like to eat.  Therefore, when I go to a thrift shop, the clothes that have the best selection are the size I have grown out of.  I didn’t get the exercise gene either.  I need to learn portion control, but what fun is that.  I am also short, so finding a pair of pants or dress that I don’t have to hem is almost unheard of.  The result is, I really don’t enjoy shopping.

In my locale we have Goodwill stores and multiple privately owned thrift stores.  We even have one that caters to the crafting crowd whose proceeds go to help local senior citizens.  I know some people who buy all their business clothes in thrift stores so they can afford to have more outfits to wear.  They are mostly those thin ladies I find irritating.  They are also the ones who stop at the second-hand shops on a weekly basis to make sure they don’t miss something good.

Last summer I bought a beautiful needle felted sweater at a craft show.  I was told the original sweater came from a thrift store.  It’s a beautiful maroon and has a huge dragon fly and flowers on the back.  I wear it proudly.  I also have a couple of blouses that I always get compliments on, an old leather coat that is going raggy on the cuffs, and a “new” one waiting for this winter; they are my “finds” from second-hand shops.

Every once in a while I get into a sewing project that requires nylon, leather, or silk.  Rather than try to find new pieces of fabric I go to the thrift store and buy something inexpensive that I can cut up then put the remains in my rag bag to wait for the next idea to strike.

If you are looking for bargains in the clothing or household area, visit your local thrift shop.  You may find an unexpected treasure.