Just because I can.  Just because I felt like it.  Just because I wanted to.  Just because I never had before.

Are there things on your bucket list you’ve never given yourself permission to do? Not the expensive trip, or the fly in a helicopter type; the silly ones, like dance in the rain, eat ice cream till you want no more, write a love poem (you don’t have to show it to anyone!), or stay in bed all day.  Today is the day!  Do it; Just Because!

Little kids are known for jumping in mud puddles just because they are there.  When my husband and I first started dating we went for a walk on a trail in a local park.  It was hot and there were mud puddles.  We jumped in them, just for fun, and enjoyed the fact we could laugh about it together.  Another time we were at a company party and it was raining.  We like to dance, and the music had the right beat; we danced in the rain.  It was fun. Everyone just stared at us.

Have you ever wanted to call in sick when you weren’t or visit every single store in the mall just to say you did.  Or send yourself flowers because you like to receive them. (Don’t tell who they are from!)  Maybe go try out an expensive sports car so you can say you have driven one, or spend the day riding horses.  According to the National Day of calendar today is the day to do it.  Just Because!

I will ask you to keep it positive.  I’m having thoughts of things I shouldn’t do, just because, like tell the neighbor he’s too nosey, or tell someone their perfume makes them smell like a skunk.  You get the picture.

So let your hair down, throw your cares to the wind, forget about what other people might think and go do it.  Whatever it might be.  Just Because.