If my father were still alive and I showed him the above picture, he would say it looked like a cow pasture.  It does, sort of, compared to Augusta National in Georgia.  I’ll add a picture to show you. Now that’s a golf course!


Do I play?  No, but watching is something I used to do with my Dad, and I now do with my husband.  When visiting my son and his family, he puts golf on the TV so we stay longer.  What is the obsession with chasing a little white ball?  I don’t have a real answer, but for me it would have to do with being outside, admiring the beauty of the course, the serenity of the location and the wildlife that would live there.  I think it also has something to do with camaraderie, a few cold ones, and trying to beat your all time lowest score or that of your buddies.  You know, like trying to beat yourself on a video game or at solitaire.

We just lost Arnold Palmer.  His followers were called Arnie’s Army.  His biography is one of my all time favorite reads.  He and his wife owned a golf course and had 30 year plus employees.  That’s a sign of a good boss.  His competition with Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman and Gary Player were as much fun to watch as Tiger, Phil, Rory and Bubba are.  I age myself.  Tiger is already out of the picture and four years from now, Phil will be able to go to the senior tour.

The Ryder Cup finished on Sunday with a win for the U. S. for the first time in eight years. That is a team competition between U. S. players and European players.  Every two years it is played here and then two years later someplace in Europe.  It is meant to enhance patriotism, be fun but still respectful, and make the guys work as a team instead of individuals.  [When it’s on, we don’t do anything else.  Well, we did go to my granddaughter’s birthday party yesterday, but we watched it there while watching the presents being opened.]  The costumes in the crowd are noteworthy, and the rowdiness is a little out of control.  I would love to see it in person just once, but you get the whole picture if you watch it at home.

In our area, during the golf season there is a fund-raising tournament on almost every course on every Monday.  It doesn’t matter how well you play as long you can donate money to the cause.  I volunteer at a couple of tournaments and enjoy the day among the people and the lush green lawns and beautiful flowers and trees.  The little white ball I leave to the others.