Thanksgiving means turkey to most people, and in my house, you must have cranberry relish with turkey. I insist! My grandson will only eat the jelly type, no lumps for him, in the relish, the potatoes or the gravy. I like the kind with chunks of berries in it. Even better, I like home-made with fresh cranberries, oranges, apples, nuts and sugar.

During the Watergate scandal I was working at a restaurant in a small town. I guess you could say it was a big town as there were two restaurants vying for the same customers. As a new employee of one of them, I was given a ten-dollar bill and told to go have lunch at the competitor. I was to report the menu selections, the quality of service, especially how long it took to get my order and if it was correct. Wow! Really! It made me realize if this went on between two restaurants, there was certainly spying going in government or business.  I digress.

My favorite part of working at that restaurant was the days we made cranberry relish. There was a big grinder we poured multiple bags of cranberries in, then oranges, a few apples, some pecans and then sugar. The machine ground and mixed to perfection. That relish was served in little paper cups with toast in the morning, with any turkey sandwich or dinner, and any time someone asked for it. I would eat it as a treat when I could get away with it. It had the perfect balance of sweetness, and tart fruit.

The restaurant is still open. I wonder if they still serve my favorite cranberry relish. Maybe I should stop next time I drive by.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.