Funny how a title of one of these National Days evokes different thoughts. When I saw the title Bathtub Party Day I wondered just what the picture would be. Somehow, one baby in a tub doesn’t equal a party to me. I immediately thought of my two children playing in a tub of bubbles when they were both under the age of five. I also remembered how a special friend would stay overnight when we were kids and fist we would make “secret” mud-holes in the garden, then take a bath together to clean up.

But: my mind also went to college, when a bathtub would be filled with ice and all sorts of alcoholic beverages in cans or bottles. Now that was a party. I have also heard of pouring all the bottles and cans contents into a tub and using it like a huge punch bowl. Sorry, that scene turns my stomach. Then I imagined a fancy hotel room with a heart shaped tub with a couple on their honey-moon or a weekend get-away. I would enjoy that one! I hope someone thought to bring a candle and a bottle of wine.

So what was the first scene your mind conjured when you read Bathtub Party Day? Maybe you can help me learn some new options.