I recently took a class on Blogging, because let’s face it, I am still pretty new at this and can always learn something to improve the experience. We were told one of the “rules” is to be consistent so your followers know they can count on you. I also learned there is a difference between a blog someone is hoping to make money with and a personal reflection blog. I think you know mine is the latter.

My goal was to be consistent, but life happens. I have been very busy helping family members this past few weeks, and it isn’t over yet. My sister had a knee replacement, then her husband ended up in the hospital. A tough situation when she can’t drive at the moment. We are all pitching in to help, because we want to. I don’t have a big family, but I do have a close one.

So, I have decided to take a break from my blog until after the first of the year. I want to wish my friends a happy holiday season. I did not say Merry Christmas season because I have a multitude of friends that are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and even Hindu. I love them all. We all celebrate something this time of year so out of respect for all religions I purposely choose to say Happy Holidays.

The picture shows my husband, sitting in my chair, with my blanket over his lap, holding my cat, Useless, while I am away. It was a big deal for all of us. Hubby is helping where he can.

Enjoy the season folks! And may we all have a healthy, prosperous, love filled 2017.