It’s National Sticker Day. I immediately pictured my four-year old grand-daughter with a booklet of pretty stickers from the movie Frozen, peeling one off a page to place in the appointed spot on another page. I also thought of my grandson when he was about five, coming in the house and showing me his “tattoo”, not permanent, made with a purple sticker his Mom had put in water for a second or two.

When I read the history of sticker day, it was originated to recognize the use of any label, price tag, or information tag that was stuck on with glue. Now that takes us to a whole new vision. You know, that coffee mug you buy for a friend that has a tag glued on that says “made in China”. It’s interesting where something is made, but they should use a glue you can get off without using lighter fluid, or these days, Goo Gone! I was dusting yesterday and found glue residue on some of my bird figurines. I left it there.

We know only two other couples owned the house we live in before we bought it. According to the neighbor no children ever lived in it, yet, one of the bedroom doors has noticeable sticker shaped residue marks; big rectangles, bumper sticker size. There’s another thought. If you had a bumper sticker on your car, what would it say? Mine would announce to everyone that my car stops at all quilt shops.

So think a little about stickers today. Where does your visionary trip go? Maybe to the pharmacy for your own individual label on your medication, maybe to the meat market for the weight and cost of a roast, or back to your childhood days when we could peel and stick paper doll outfits on cardboard so they wouldn’t get ruined quickly.

So many different types of labels and stickers. One could make a list a mile long of all the different types. You know those stick on address labels we all get for donating money to certain organizations, meant for snail mail that isn’t used much anymore; my sister carries them with her to put on raffle tickets she buys. Gotta use them for something!