It’s National Cheese Lover’s Day. The information for this day says there are over 1400 different types of cheese. Wow! I would have never guessed that. Maybe I should pay closer attention the next time I walk through the cheese section at the grocery store. (Wegman’s, here in western New York state! Lucky me!)

My taste buds were imagining a Swiss and mushroom omelet for breakfast,  the American toasted cheese sandwich for lunch (with tomato soup), and the baked Brie and raspberry jam that the neighbor serves when we play cards. I use blue cheese,  Asiago, or 5 year aged extra sharp cheddar each morning when I make my husband’s salad that he takes to work for lunch. Cheese can enhance any meal, any time of day.

Next time you get to peruse a salad bar, check out the number of cheeses, and don’t forget the cottage cheese that is sometimes in with the desserts. So many cheeses, so little time. I think I need a snack.