It’s National Serpent Day. According to the National Day of Calendar, only 1/8 of all snakes are venomous. So tell me, why are so many people afraid of snakes?

When I was barely a teen ager, I stayed overnight with a friend who lived in a small town. The railroad tracks ran behind her house and we could use them as a short cut to get to the candy store on Main Street. We started out with our quarters, which bought a lot in the ’60’s, but saw a dead, DEAD, snake on the tracks. She wouldn’t walk past it. We went back to her house, and walked on the sidewalks, all the way around the block, to the candy store. I laughed all the way.

A few years ago this same friend called me on a sunny afternoon. Mind you we are now in our forties. She was hyperventilating….I finally got out of her she had hit a snake with the lawn mower. It was DEAD, but she wouldn’t go back out to finish mowing the lawn. I’m still laughing.

My daughter, when in her late teens, came home very excited and told me she was going to work at the local county fair. I asked what she would be doing. “I’m going to wear my bathing suit and be the snake lady,” she answered. She had the right figure. I told her to have fun. There were six or eight black snakes that she handled on stage, letting them crawl around her legs, hang over her shoulder, and wrap around her arm. She made a lot of money in three evenings and I learned snakes are like any other animal, some like the human touch more than others. They each had their own personality and name.

I’m not one to run over and pick a snake up, but when I see one, I admire them. I find the way they slither to be fascinating, not frightening. Maybe I would feel differently if I lived where poisonous snakes were prevalent. I think I would still admire their beauty, but maybe I’d walk a few extra blocks to bypass them. I’d much rather deal with a live snake, than a person who is a “snake”.