It’s National Good Samaritan Day. In my home-town area we have seen a lot of examples of good Samaritans over the past few days. The Rochester, NY, area suffered a wind storm last Wednesday. A lot of the damage is cleaned-up and most of the power is back on, but there are still large trees lying on top of garages and in people’s lawns. The fact remains, neighbors helped neighbors. Young adults went door to door in their neighborhoods to check on senior citizens. We loaned out our generator and electric crews came from a few hundred miles away to help our local company. “Warming Stations” were set up so people without power had someplace safe, warm, and welcoming to go. These centers were supplied with snacks and food by good Samaritans. People also took the work crews snacks and hot drinks. The community worked together to help each other out.

Way back when I was a single mom with two little ones, I couldn’t find a babysitter so I could work on Easter. One of my male co-workers agreed to fill the position if I cooked him dinner. My kids thought it was a special occasion. Another time, I left my lights on while I was at work. A good Samaritan had the cables and jumped my battery for me. If you think about it, I’m sure you can remember quite a few times someone has come to your rescue. And, I bet it made them feel good to help.

These days of not knowing who lives next door and not feeling safe helping out a stranger, I fill my desire to help while I am driving around doing errands. I let other drivers out into traffic, regardless of what the guy behind me thinks. I make room at intersections so the city bus or a semi has room enough to get around the corner without holding up traffic. It makes me happy to do these little things, and it’s effortless.

Next time you have the opportunity, make it a point to be a good Samaritan even it’s only to give someone a free smile and let them into traffic.