It’s National Common Courtesy Day. I am old school and still think using the words please, thank you and you’re welcome, out loud, are a necessity. My husband and I have been together sixteen years and use these words on a daily basis. It helps to not take each other for granted. Note: “No problem”, is not acceptable. We happen to hate that terminology, and if you break down the meaning of the words, it is actually inaccurate most of the time.

When I was a kid there was chivalry between the male and females of the human race, then women’s rights came along and destroyed it. My husband still opens my car door for me. It makes me feel important and more like a lady. People give him odd looks, like maybe he is crazy. I appreciate his kind of crazy. When he does it for a friend, or a workmate going to a meeting with him, they don’t even know how to act. It’s sad that it has come to that.

We gave a family member a very large cash present recently. She didn’t look in the envelope in front of us, but we never got a text that said, “Wow”, “Thank you” or a card after the fact. Yes, we gave it because we wanted to, but with no acknowledgement of any kind, it’s likely not to happen again. The plain old common courtesy of saying thank you, even in a text, would have insured a repeat. Are we being mean? I don’t think so. You might disagree.

I have read that the last cookie or piece of pie tends to get left because no one wants to be accused of eating it. I say, if you want it, courteously offer it to anyone around, then when everyone says no, offer to eat it so it doesn’t go to waste. You get what you want, and you are being courteous at the same time. Works for me.

To mark this day of common courtesy, let someone into traffic, take care of someone’s cart at the grocery store, don’t sit too long at your table at lunch time if there is a line waiting, find a way to do some little thing to acknowledge the importance of your fellow human. I promise, it will make you feel good inside.