It’s National Superhero Day. I love to see little kids, and even big ones, emulate or dress up as their favorite super hero. I think it’s a healthy thing to want to be strong and have the desire to fight evil. Superheroes can be positive role models for children in that they show the improbable is possible. I say, let the children believe they can, and they will grow up with a desire to do so.

Now, we not only have superheroes, but also transformers, ninja turtles, and video game heroes I’ve never heard of. It seems there is one thing in common among all these heroes, and that is a cool costume. I have to smile when I see a mother in the store and her child is dressed in a superhero costume. I wonder if it’s the color that they like, or if it is the TV show or movie they have seen and they want to “feel the power” by dressing up as their favorite.

My grandson went through a prolonged Spider-Man phase. Everything was Spider-Man: sheets, sneakers, coat, shirts, and hat. I sort of miss that because now he is becoming more aware of the real world and how it isn’t always nice out there. But, he has found some real superheroes to emulate and respect. He is into his second year of Karate lessons and has gained self-esteem, manners, and an interest in doing things to the best of his ability. His black-belt instructors, called sensei, are teaching him those things. And one of them, Mike, is often wearing  a Batman t-shirt under his ghee (karate uniform).

A superhero post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning our military, police forces or firefighters. These people serve their communities and country on a daily basis. They are the strong ones that protect us from evil often putting themselves in harm’s way. We owe them a lot and should respect their uniform. I also think we should include medical staff in the superhero category. Where would we be without modern medicine and the facilitators of it.

The next time you see a superhero, remember who you wanted to be like when you were little and evaluate if you’ve come close. I’m sure you have in some way.