What does waiting for dinner have to do with National Color Book Day? This past weekend we enjoyed my husband’s annual family reunion. We converge on the hometown most of the cousins were raised in, fill some of the local cash registers, and spend a day at Stony Brook State Park. Saturday is picnic day which includes time for a walk in the park gorge. It’s a pretty place full of memories for all of us. The annual get-together has been going on over 60 years.

Saturday evening the ones staying overnight all go out to dinner together. This year there were 28 of us. In the group there were two boys, eight and ten, and two girls, nine and four. While waiting for dinner, and the adults to stop talking, the boys played with a fidget spinner and matchbox cars. All the sound effects necessary were emitted. The girls sat quietly and colored. The older girl nurturing the younger and turning pages when asked. Cousin Nancy and I sat across from the children and had a conversation about what we were witnessing. Boys and girls are definitely different, and the twosomes were proving it right before our eyes. It was a pleasure to watch, even though we occasionally had to chase an errant car that went off our side of the table to the sound of “wheeee”.

I must admit, the following day when my husband and I got home, we sat in the silence to read and nap. Two days of non-stop talking, activity, and noisy restaurants had taken its toll. We aren’t as young as we used to be. It’s a good thing one never gets too old to color. I think I’ll get out the color books next time the grandchildren are here.