How do you eat your watermelon? There has been quite a lot of discussion on the morning radio show I listen to about whether to eat watermelon with or without salt. Personally I prefer mine cold, no salt. I don’t understand why so many people like to cover the naturally good flavors of so many things by adding salt (like caramels).

I have read that watermelon, along with celery, is a no calorie food. That means it takes  as many calories to chew and eat it as it provides. I have also been told, the amount of natural sugar in this great big fruit, nullifies the first statement. I’m not going to look it up, I’m going to believe the no calorie thought because I really like watermelon.

Before the seedless watermelons emerged, at my sister’s house, she would cut slices, then anyone who wanted some had to eat it out on the porch. We made a game of spitting the seeds in a circular pattern as far away from the porch as possible. I can hear you wondering why. My family is nature and critter lovers. The seeds in the lawn were for the chipmunks. It was entertaining to watch them stuff their cheeks with the big seeds.

It’s easy to cut a watermelon for a crowd by first cutting it in half. Put one half on the table flat side down then use your big sharp knife to cut slices one way, and then without moving the fruit, cut the opposite way. You should end up with square pieces of rind for a person to hold on to while they eat the red juicy pulp. I did this at a picnic and a picture was taken of how I cut it, not of me. That’s all right, I’m not photogenic.

Watermelon is sweeter if it is left to ripen in the field. When buying one at a store, look for one that has a light spot on one side, and if there are tan spider web like tendrils coming from the light spot, all the better. The light spot means it was sitting in the field undisturbed while it matured.

It’s going to be hot in my town today and I need milk so a trip to the grocery store is imminent. I think I’ll get a watermelon too and chill it right away.