The picture for today makes me laugh. Check out the looks on the people’s faces on the right hand side. They seem to be astonished the people on the left are in their underwear. Since I was a little kid I have wondered why it’s wrong to be seen in your underwear when it usually covers more than a bathing suit does. Now imagine the people on the left to be in bright-colored bathing suits and you’ll understand what I mean. Sometimes bathing suits are even skimpier. Oh well.

In junior high I strained the muscles in my lower back so my Mom took me to the doctor. He put heavy tape from the center of my back to below my waist to keep me from twisting and bending so the muscles could have time to relax and heal. On one such occasion when we got home I got a lecture about making my sure my underpants didn’t have a hole in them next time I went to the doctor. (That isn’t just an old wives tale, it really does happen!)

In my middle years, it was a no-no to have an underpant line show beneath your slacks. Now days ladies thong line shows and no one seems to think a thing of it. On the same vein, your bra color wasn’t supposed to show through your blouse or the strap show at all; today the young people wear a black bra under a pink blouse. Some old notions die-hard, it still makes me cringe.

Now I’m a retiree and my girlfriends and I all agree, the best part of the day is taking our bra off. We also discussed how often we buy new ones. I said once a year, and they said every three. You can guess my heavier body takes more of a toll on the item than their thin bodies do. I wish good ones weren’t so expensive.

And, it just isn’t fair that men don’t have the underwear problems that women do. About the only comments one ever hears about a guy is the question, boxers or briefs. Either way, I’ve never seen a line under their trousers. It must be nice.

Athletes can now get underwear that keeps them cooler and wicks away sweat. Our military has underwear that repels shrapnel. That’s a good thing. Whatever you are doing today, give an extra thought to your underwear and appreciate its function.