So many things come to mind when I see the title for this National Day, I don’t know where to start. I have always liked books and reading, but if I don’t like a book, I don’t finish it. Back in my youth The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries were top picks. Also books about animals, but I don’t remember a title. There weren’t books about zombies on every shelf like there are now, or different bookshelves for young adult and tweens. My grandson’s required summer reading for sixth grade is a “chapter book” titled, Hatchet. I need to ask him what the story is about.

I also have always wanted to be an author. Who knows why, English was never one of my strong subjects. If you follow my blog, you know I have written a novel that is still hoping for an agent and publisher. Some of the websites I visit for writers say that writing the thing is a huge accomplishment that only a few people do. I guess I believe that, but man, rewriting and finding an agent is much harder. I keep hearing that if I persevere, it will happen. It does make one wonder if the writing is really any good.

My other love is quilting and I was recently able to combine both loves when I took an art quilting class. I usually make traditional bed quilts, so an art quilt was “out of my box” as they say. I saw a painting on the internet that completely mesmerized me so I decided to copy it. I have since been in touch with the artist, so with Andre Martins de Barros (Paris, France) permission I will share my fabric rendition of “The Librarian” with you. He hangs in my kitchen and proves I am a book-worm. Mr. de Barros has also kindly given me permission to make another one to donate to a fund-raiser at my grandson’s school. I’m hoping it will fetch a handsome price.