I belong to a Veteran’s Writing Group in my local area. The group welcomes veterans plus their family and friends. I go as an ex-wife of an Air Force member and a staunch supporter of all veterans. There are nine of us that attend regularly. The effects of war, and the rationale of it, or lack-thereof, are common threads in our memoir writing. 

One of our members is a WWII vet who we all admire. His war experience was different in that he fought in a declared confrontation, that had a specific ending and it accomplished something. The other vets in the group, especially from Viet Nam, to this day don’t have a clear picture of what good it did to have their lives upended and their brains traumatized. The guys and gals who have been to Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia are still waiting to see if a clear resolution ever results so what they experienced becomes more understandable and acceptable.

War is hell, on those who fight, the people living in the area of conflict, those left at home, and on civilization itself.  War is also an inevitable part of living and history. There is always someone who wants to be in control of others and uses force to make it happen. It’s a sad state of affairs and currently on this earth all too common and frightening.

I know it is unrealistic and probably too idealist to think all humans could , or should be able to get along, but it sure would be nice. In too many countries there is political unrest and disagreement about who and what is right and why. The amount of national negativity in my own country disheartens me. So I’ll think about V-J Day today, thank the people who fought back then and hope another big war remains speculation.