When I saw the title for this day, my first thought was what about the people who have to go to work; how can they take a whole day to relax? Then I read down the list of relaxation activities and immediately could see what could go wrong with each one because I tend to be a negative nanny when left to my own thoughts. So my exercise today will be to add a personal guarantee to each of the items and pray that’s how they come out for the person doing them. 

What is your favorite relaxation activity?

  • Reading a book- and loving the ending
  • Fishing with a friend- and you catch a record size fish
  • A picnic in the park- that someone else brings all the food and wine for
  • Walking along the beach- alone at sunrise or perhaps among laughing children
  • Taking a drive in the country- not getting lost and finding a new ice cream stand
  • Spa- that someone else pays for
  • Golfing- with a new low score
  • Photography- and every picture is a keeper
  • A movie- that makes you laugh and forget the current news stories
  • Window shopping- and finding the perfect outfit that actually fits
  • Lunch with friends- and they buy because they remember it’s your birthday
  • Drinks with friends- that includes laughter and chicken wings
  • Watching sports- and your team wins
  • Swimming- in the bluest, cleanest water you have ever seen

Thank you to the National Day of calendar for providing the list. I might add, spend the day with the child of your choice. I took my grandson to a local safari park yesterday and we had a grand time meeting (and feeding) new animals and learning about them. It was a very relaxing day.