Today is the first “Never Bean Better Day”. The Drager Group, Inc. founded Never Bean Better Day to recognize the unconditional love dogs bring to human lives. Never Bean Better Day honors the birth of a special therapy dog, Bean, who eagerly spreads his Bean wuv everywhere he goes and improves the lives of those who need it most. Visit to learn more about Bean and his many talents, canine and not so canine.After I read about this designated day to show appreciation for man’s best friend, I thought about all the people I know whose dog makes such a big difference in their lives. Two of my Veteran friends have aid dogs that make their world more manageable. I know a blind man who has a seeing eye dog. I read stories about bomb sniffing dogs that work with their handlers in war zones. I know single people, and couples alike, that a dog takes the place of a child. Their dog is a truly important component of their lives.

Dogs make wonderful friends because they are always glad to see you, keep you company, (are a lot of work, but we won’t tell) and give you a reason to get up in the morning and come home after a day at work. Personally, I don’t like to be tied down to dog hours, I have a cat that controls the house, but I can appreciate how a dog in a person’s life is usually a good thing.

My grandson has two dogs that follow him around and vie for lap rights. There is usually one on each side of him when he sits on the couch. They will sit on anybody else’s lap too whether you want them to or not. Luckily they are small dogs. Another person in my life has a huge dog that always wants to sit on my lap. I don’t visit that house very often. He’s a nice dog, just not my cup of tea as they say.

For all you dog lovers out there, this is your day to celebrate man’s best friend. We are lucky there are therapy dogs like Bean, they do help the people they visit.