I really like waffles, but the fact I like most foods is no secret. Waffles are a very versatile food. You can have them for breakfast with lots of butter and maple syrup. You can decorate them like the one above and serve sections for dessert at a luncheon or you can have them with chicken fingers for dinner. I haven’t tried the latter one yet, somehow chicken doesn’t go with a waffle in my mind.My favorite breakfast restaurant serves a waffle with pecans, bananas and cinnamon sauce. Some people add maple syrup to it, but I use extra cinnamon sauce. I can trick my mind into thinking it’s a sort-of healthy breakfast because it has some fruit and nuts.

I did the gluten-free thing for a while and found that gluten-free, individual waffles you heat in your toaster made pretty good hamburger buns. They didn’t fall apart like gluten-free bread does, they were the right shape, and best of all, they were thin so the flavor of the burger and toppings were prominent. That phase didn’t last too long. There are probably still some Gluteno English muffins in my freezer. They were pretty good too, but after you ate just one, you didn’t need any more food for a while.

While reading the information for this day on the National Day of calendar, I found out Eggo waffles have been around the same amount of years I have. I’ll let you look up the year they were introduced if you have any interest in finding out how old I am.

As usual, now that I have been writing about waffles for a few minutes, I want one. Good thing I’m not dressed yet or I just might decide I should go out for breakfast. I hope your day has a waffle in it. They are good anytime.