Today is Just Because Day. Why they chose a picture of a pretty blue bird for today is a mystery to me. I think I would have chosen a picture of people dancing in the rain, having a good time. Anyway, the point behind today is take the time to do something you have always thought about or wanted to, just because. The calendar points out it can be something in the line of helping others, a daring scary experience, or buying that item you have been longing for, or maybe even trying a food that makes you squirm.

I have been glued to the TV for the last four days watching the coverage of Hurricane Harvey and the events unfolding in Texas, and now surrounding states. After complaining about a very wet spring in western New York, I can’t even imagine five inches of rain in one day. I feel for the people affected and cry when I watch the good-samaritans help others. We have a family member that works for the Red Cross and he has been posting requests for volunteers because the need for helping hands and money is so great because there aren’t just a few Texans that need shelter and meals, there are thousands.

I’m spending the day with my grandson, in the sun, looking at historic airplanes, eating and laughing. I know we will have a good time but my mind will still be with those folks dealing with flooding. So, Just Because, before I leave for my outing, I am going to go on-line and make a donation to the Red Cross. I hope you will consider doing the same, especially if it’s something you have always thought about doing and haven’t taken the time to do so.