I hope you never find yourself in need of a food-bank, but if you do, I hope it is a well-stocked one. Food banks only have supplies if someone donates them. National Food Bank Day brings awareness to that need. 

As I watch the coverage of Hurricane Harvey I think about the fact so many Texas residents (and now other states too) are not only dealing with flooded homes, but their job places are flooded, or maybe even gone. So many people have lost time at work, a way to pay their bills, and perhaps their belongings. At the moment, lots of organizations are helping those affected, but what about the next month. I know an awful lot of people who couldn’t go without a month of paychecks and still put food on the table.

For some people a hurricane might not have put them in a position to need help. It could be illness, a sudden death of a provider, loss of job, or other circumstances beyond their control. It doesn’t matter why a person shows up at a food-bank. It matters that there is food available when they do.

I have read that food-banks receive tuna fish and green beans or corn most frequently. They would love to get canned chicken or salmon as a protein and a variety of vegetables like butter beans, sauerkraut, and pickles. According to the National Day of Calendar, they will also accept fresh fruit and vegetables, but check their list of needs before you offer those items. Cash can help at any time because they will do their own shopping.

I feel so many of you have donated to the Hurricane Harvey relief fund in some way, but I am going to ask you also donate to your local food-bank. We never know when a disaster will strike and another human will need a hand. A ten-dollar bill at your local food-bank could make a big difference.