How do you prefer your pizza? Red, garlic white, or green pesto for sauce? And what toppings do you like; the old stand-by, pepperoni, or more “fruffy” things like roasted red peppers and artichoke hearts? I recently had a pizza that used Alfredo with extra cheese for the sauce. It was quite tasty and nice and moist. I’d order it again.

Pizza is something you can alter for any taste imaginable. I think that is why everyone likes it. You can make it as spicy or bland as you like. There is one shop near me that has an everything pizza and that means every topping they have in the store; four different meats, three different peppers, two different olives, onions, mushrooms and the list goes on. We order it occasionally and only have anchovies on my husband’s side (too salty for me).

Oh, wait, this day is about cheese pizza. BORING! But that is only my opinion. I went to a party one evening knowing the host didn’t do much of her own cooking. I wondered what food would be served. When a pizza shop car showed up, my mouth watered. To my surprise there was one pepperoni pizza and one cheese pizza, both with red sauce. Another surprise was the cheese pizza disappeared first. No, I didn’t help with that one.

My grandchildren prefer cheese pizza. I have decided it’s because children have to learn to like more stringent flavors. My granddaughter will eat a can of mushrooms as a snack, but won’t touch a fresh mushroom. She keeps me guessing when it comes to what she will eat depending on the week and she’s not much in favor of lots of flavors mixed together. I’m sure that will change as she gets older.

A cheese pizza for lunch is sounding better and better as I write. Maybe I’ll ask for extra sauce and extra cheese and enjoy the hot gooeyness of the combination.