I wanted to title this post for the Day of Encouragement, Share a Hug, but then realized there are so many places these days it is improper to give a hug. I find that very sad. If someone I know is feeling a little down I offer a hug. But, if someone is getting close to reaching a hard goal, or wanting to try harder at school, then a high-five is an appropriate gesture. Personally, I have never quite connected with the high-five. It seems so sterile and empty to me. I know, it’s probably only me that thinks that.

In the wake of two hurricanes and fires out west, there are a huge number of people in the U.S. that need some encouragement, empathy and support; and this only takes in natural disasters, not the general problems of daily life or loss of a loved one, human or animal.

Encouragement isn’t only for the sad times, it is also for the stressful, if not happy times. I’m thinking of a bride and her Mom preparing the perfect wedding. So much work goes into that to produce a memorable day. Or when someone gets a new knee or hip, encouragement is a good thing while the healing process goes on. It doesn’t happen without some pain and effort. In both of these cases, a pat on the back and “It will all be worth it,” might be appreciated.

I can picture a child learning to ride a bicycle or Hoover board. I can see a young person getting ready for their first speech at school. I can feel a new Mom worrying over her newborn because it won’t stop crying. I can picture a homeowner looking at the lawn mower that won’t start. All of these people could use a kind word, a “you can do it”, or any other form of encouragement. Sometimes a kind word in the right place at the right time can change a person’s whole day. I challenge you to give encouragement today, just because it’s a nice thing to do.