According to the National Day of Calendar this day of Women’s Health and Fitness will be celebrated at hospitals, recreation and senior centers, parks, health clubs and schools. Since I don’t frequent those places, I haven’t heard of any events in my area.

I’ve mentioned before the exercise gene is not one I was blessed with. It seems like every time I decide to get fit, I hurt myself; a pulled muscle here, a twisted ankle there, and always a bad back. Many years ago I had a male friend that paid for an aerobics class for me. I hyperventilated while doing squats. I like to swim, but I hate the get dressed, drive to the pool, get changed, swim, get changed again, do the hair again, routine. It doesn’t fit into my thought process of getting anything done. Besides, doing my hair once a day is enough. I can hear you calling me a whiner!

My daughter is a different story. She gets up at 4:30am to be at the gym by 5. She works out with a personal trainer, does lifts and bench presses as well as any man, then laughs when she can move a glass top table and they can’t. She has been on this regime over a year. Her blood pressure medication has been tossed, her weight is down to her teenage numbers and she looks fantastic. I’m proud of her. She must have gotten the exercise gene from her father’s side of the family.

My husband started doing leg exercises when he had a knee replaced two years ago then added others for his back and arms. For the last year he has been counting calories. His tummy is gone, he is sleeping less, his energy level is better and his blood pressure medication has also been tossed.

There is a pattern here. Exercise and weight loss are good for the human body, male or female. I’m not ready to jump on the work-out wagon, but I have started to count calories, lower the carbs and walk more. The U.S. is known for its overweight people so it is good to have a health and fitness day to make us take notice. Maybe I should make this day the first day of the rest of my life.