This is a day to show appreciation to boyfriends everywhere for the good things they do. The National Day of Calendar pointed out there are special days for just about every category of people: mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings and cousins, so why not boyfriends.

I haven’t had a boyfriend in eleven years, but I have a wonderful husband I try to remember to treat like a boyfriend. You know, special meals on his birthday, making his favorite cookie, saying please and thank you, doing things together on a regular basis, and letting him know he is indeed my soul-mate. Keeping the boyfriend/girlfriend thought process of pleasing each other helps the marriage stay strong.

If you don’t have a boyfriend by today’s definition you can show a little more appreciation for that male in your life who can make you smile. It could be a work-mate that “gets” you, a neighbor who is helpful, a classmate who you go over homework with, or the UPS guy that delivers your packages. If you think about it there are a lot of men in one’s life that add a bit of comfort without even knowing it. I’m thinking of my favorite cahier at the grocery store. He is always pleasant and acts like he likes his job. Would he recognize me on the street, probably not, but his work demeanor makes my day better. The guys who work at my car dealership also come to mind. They take the time to explain things to me. It makes paying the bill a little more acceptable.

My husband still opens my car door for me like he did while we were dating. He’s a classy guy who makes me feel important. When I’m not home, he will even sit in my chair under my blanket so the cat can have his lap time. (No, the cat won’t sit on his lap when he is in his own chair.)

There are lots of ways to make your boyfriend feel special or ways to show appreciation to a male friend. Today is the day designated to do just that. But who needs a special date to do it on. Do it regularly just because you want to.