I love the picture shown for this day of Do Something Nice. It depicts at what an early age a person enjoys an act of kindness. It is a little stereotypical in that the boy is doing something nice for the girl. Oh well. The kids are cute as can be.

In the U.S. there are untold ways to do something nice by donating to any of the Hurricane relief efforts. In Mexico, it’s the earthquake aftermath that can use donations. If you want to keep it closer to home I’ll ask how long it has been since you called an aging relative. Grab your phone and do it. All you have to say is, “I was thinking of you and wanted to say hello.”

Perhaps you have been thinking of writing someone a letter or visiting a sick friend. Today is the day to get it done. I can hear you, and myself, “I’ll get to it tomorrow after work.” No! Do it today, so it happens. Mostly I am telling myself to leave my puzzle alone for half an hour and write my friend that letter I have been thinking about for the last couple of months.

How about calling your favorite store and ask for the manager or her/his voicemail and leave a message of praise. They are so used to getting complaints that a happy message would make their day, and would be the talk of the store. You could even print up a bunch of pages of smiley faces then go to the mall and put them under windshield wipers. I can picture the drivers pulling out the paper with a thought of, “What is this trash”, then smiling because it is something nice.

What’s that old saying, smiling at someone takes no effort and is free. Try it today, I think you will feel more positive yourself. Have a good day my friend and thanks for sharing some of your time with me. I appreciate it.