Have you ever been to the emergency room? Probably. Think about your nurse a minute. I know, you are thinking about how long you spent there. Ignore that for now. My point is they have to be all around aware, ready for anything. There might be a bee sting allergic reaction in one room, a broken leg in another room, a heart attack in the next , and another patient that can’t breath for some unknown reason in the following. The ages of the people they care for is also all over the place. I’d say they deserve a major portion of respect and thanks just for dealing with the variables. If they can do it with a smile and show some empathy they get an extra couple of gold stars. I would add more accolades if they take the time to explain what they are doing or can answer questions in lay terms without seeming rushed.

I think you get the picture. An ER nurse is often a breed of person that likes an adrenaline rush, they can think fast on their feet, they know their stuff, and can get a good job done in a hurry. They thrive on activity and helping others.

I know a lady who was an ER nurse in a large town hospital, not a city, and she knew all the ambulance teams and local police by name because they were the ones bringing in her most critical patients or were there to ask questions of accident victims. She can verify that more things happen on the full moon. She’s retired now but she has some great stories about hair-raising occurrences she had to deal with. She also has more stories about how many patients and their families have sent thank you notes after the fact. She found her job very rewarding and misses it.

I hope you never have to go to the ER, but if you do, be aware of that special person that is taking care of you, your ER nurse.