So far I am one of the lucky ones. I have not had to deal personally with the emotional journey of breast cancer. It is still easy for me to say aloud what treatment I would choose if I had to, but a very close RN friend of mine has told me, “When it happens to you, the diagnosis does funny things to your head.”

She continued her story. “I had a breast removed twelve years ago and had an implant placed at the time. It was uncomfortable to me when I felt it and in my clothing, always feeling like a foreign object. I had it removed a couple of years later. I am now going through fat replacement therapy where they take my own fat out of my belly or thigh area and place it under the skin where my breast used to be. Because the tissue is my own, it grows together somehow, feels natural and best of all, looks natural.” I share her story because I had never heard of this treatment before. I believeĀ  a plastic surgeon is doing the procedures.

BRA day is all about breast reconstruction for those who are facing the decision of whether to have it done or not. I hope you have a good oncologist and great support group if you are having to deal with such a situation and I pray your illness is just a bump in the road in the long run.