To me Kentucky means the Derby, Fort Knox, horses, and the twice a year huge quilt exposition in Paducah. It is a grand place to live and play.

We have friends who live in Lexington and we have visited a couple of times for Derby weekend. Yes, I know the Derby is held in Louisville, but just outside of Lexington there is a horse race track called Keeneland. On Derby Day it is packed with people, huge hats, mint juleps, bet takers and no horses. Yes, you read that correctly. All the races held in Louisville are shown on big TV screens. It is a festive place to be. The bet takers walk through the crowds (with a body-guard) and make your bets for you on little machines that look like credit card swipers. Just looking at the wad of cash in their hands is fascinating. You can also go to the betting cages to place a bet. People take picnic baskets that are filled with anything from subs to exotic dishes. It is one of my top ten favorite places to people watch. Oh, and forget buying anything at a privately owned business. They are usually closed in order to attend the Derby.

Driving through Kentucky is a visual jackpot. The horse pastures and fences are picture worthy. The interstates tend to be lined on each side with trees so you have no idea you are passing a city or industrial area until you leave the highway. Shopping centers abound and liquor is sold in drug stores which I found funny at first until someone said, “Well, isn’t is medicinal?” I guess one could look at it that way.

Kentucky is also known for its Blue Grass Music roots. I’m not offended when I am called a country hick, or Redneck and I like Blue Grass, especially the banjos. I hope one day to attend a music festival and the Paducah quilt show. I’m sure my senses would go into overload but I would talk about it forever.