Have you ever realized you aren’t hungry for a certain food until you see a picture of it, or hear an advertisement for it? Just looking at the provided picture makes me want to have a bag of hot French fries from my favorite fast food place. I think we all know the term “comfort food”. It doesn’t necessarily mean deep-fried, greasy food, but it is for lots of us. 

Wait a minute! Wasn’t yesterdays post about eating healthier? Indeed, it was. The National Day of Calendar doesn’t denote the days, they just keep track of them for us. The days are suggested by an advertiser to promote a product or idea. The day of healthy food right next to the day of indulgent food is happenstance, but ironic.

If we eat all things in moderation, we will be fine. My daughter is a body builder and she allows herself one day a week to eat “junk food” which, for her,  includes fried foods and sweets. And she’s not so obsessive she won’t have a glass of wine or adult beverage, but she exercises like crazy to offset the potential harm. Me, I eat everything, except lima beans. I have to admit, I like my greasy food on occasion.

You can make greasy foods a bit better to eat by using a better quality oil to fry them in. According to a chef I know, if the temperature of the grease is correct for whatever you are cooking, less fat will be absorbed into the food and that makes it better to eat also. Think fish fry, one place you get it, it oozes grease when you cut it and at another restaurant it doesn’t.

We have so many foods to choose from. It seems the least healthy are the most readily available and least expensive. Take care of yourself and your loved ones by choosing to eat healthy and having those greasy foods as a treat. Your body will thank you.