This day has too many choices so I chose the picture for the National American Beer Day to get your attention. If I compose my sentences carefully I can mention each of the days.

To salute the Navy (day) grab a beer (day) and a breadstick (day) to share with friends. When you are done with that, go home and hold your black cat (day) while you have another beer, American made mind you. But don’t have too many or you might imagine Frankenstein (day) is trying to get you, and you could get hurt trying to escape, so then you would end up sending someone to the pharmacy (buyer day) to get you some bandages.

Okay. That’s a super hokey paragraph but I think I got my point across. The purpose of my blog is to inspire conversation among people who gather together at the meal table, in the living room, or anyplace else. I also try to educate on occasion by sharing information that is new to me, courtesy of the National Day of calendar. So, if you can’t find something in the above paragraph to talk about, I have failed in my mission.

I imagine the beer lovers among you are thinking about a craft beer or a non-American beer. That’s all right with me. I prefer bourbon. Any day is a good day to salute our Navy, or any of our armed forces. I’m not much of a bread stick person unless it happens to be fresh out of the oven with lots of butter. I would enjoy holding a black cat any time as their hair shows less than say an orange or white cat. The day was to raise awareness that they are the least adopted of any color. I’m not too much into Frankenstein, but I could recommend watching one of the old original films about how he came into existence. He is one of the first movie monsters. The pharmacy buyer day was new to me. I guess any and every employee deserves a special day of recognition.

Now you have another incorrect paragraph as there are too many unrelated thoughts in it. But hey, this is my blog, and I’m not looking for a grade, just a few readers who I can get to talking instead of looking at gadgets when they are with others. So grab an American beer and talk to that person next to you.