This picture makes me chuckle. I know young people who don’t know what a typewriter is. I hope the National Day of Calendar changes the photo for this day to a computer on a desk with a bunch of notes, a coffee cup and research books strewn about. Well, maybe that doesn’t apply to all authors, but that’s how my desk looks.

The purpose of this day is to show appreciation for your favorite author. My thank you notes would go to Rosamunde Pilcher, and Jodi Picoult for writing stories about real people without using flowery language. I try to emulate them. David Baldacci would get a note because I read his work for excitement, intrigue, and mystery. Then there is Mick Foley. A man who can make the wrestling world fascinating. It helps that he makes me laugh and we have a family connection.

In my search for an agent I have discovered I don’t read as much as I thought I did.  I have teachers shake their heads when I don’t recognize an author’s name they drop. I read the Manuscript Wish List and don’t recognize the books or authors mentioned there. It makes me think I should read more, then I realize I can’t read them all or I would get nothing else done. Perhaps I should set a goal to read one newly published book a month so I get to know more current authors.

But wait, my blog has brought me into contact with other bloggers/authors who give me new insights into the world. So I am reading new authors and didn’t realize it. In so doing I have learned how to do flash fiction, an accomplishment when I thought I couldn’t write short, poetry of all different kinds and children’s books. My day starts at my computer, reading my author friend’s posts and adding my own. It’s very satisfying.

Thank you to my followers for reading my work and thank you to my fellow bloggers for sharing your work with me.