I’m guilty……I order from Amazon…..but only when I can’t find what I want locally. Why, you ask? It is so easy to shop in your pajamas, just look online and click that button to order. The excitement about getting a package builds, and the anticipation of your new whatever carries you through the waiting period, even if it is only two days. 

Now let’s back up. I am a quilter and I want to feel the fabric I use. I want to make sure the color is as I expect. I want to be able to lay out the bolts of fabric together to make sure I have differing size prints, hues and shades. If I use white, I want to  make sure it is the white I want, for instance winter white instead of snow-white. I can not do that when choosing fabric on a web site. If I try to, when the box comes, I am often disappointed and they don’t take back cut fabric even if I feel like shipping it back.

But there is a better reason not to order from a mega business on-line or go to a mega store and that is your local economy and support system. The small businesses in your area provide jobs, a good tax base and the items you need on a moments notice, or quick trip to the corner store. More importantly the small business will back up the product they sell with training, quality and friendly service.

We have a local hardware store in my town that is a good example of what I am trying to say. If I buy something at Debbie Supply, the guys will not only help me pick out the right item for the job I am doing, they will often walk me through the steps of using it. And the next time I go in, they will ask how I made out with my update. If I go to Wal-Mart or Sears for the same thing there is little or no customer service and no one cares how my project turned out. You get the picture.

We need our brick and mortar stores, Mom and Pop businesses and cute little gift shops that carry locally made items for the good of the economy and the customer. So, I ask you, on this small business Saturday, please shop local. The next time you need personal help with a project, you will be glad that store on the corner is still open.