I’m lucky. I haven’t heard of any packages disappearing off anyone’s porch in my neighborhood, but I know it happens. With two days ago being cyber Monday, today is the day people start looking for their purchases. I could be wrong, but I think this is the heaviest delivery day for  UPS, Fed EX and the post office. That being said, it is also the best day for thieves to spirit packages away from unsuspecting receivers. 

What a sad state of affairs that this happens, but I guess it’s the times we live in. I have seen news stories and videos showing thieves at work. May I suggest this is the time of year to band together with your neighbors and watch out for each others deliveries. I can hear you saying, I don’t know my neighbors. Maybe you should. I’m not suggesting you have to become buddy-buddy all of a sudden, but get on a first name basis and ask for each others help if you think there could be a problem with your package sitting on your porch all day while you are at work.

The people who live across the street from us have a small enclosed stoop with a door that is never locked. If I see a package on their step, and their cars aren’t home, I walk across the street and move it inside out of sight. It’s a neighborly thing to do. They would do the same for us. It’s a nice feeling to know someone is looking out for our best interest and vice-versa.

Another suggestion is to have your packages delivered to where you work so they don’t get left on your lonely porch, but of course that would depend on whether your work place would allow it. I can’t imagine that being thought well of if you happen to work downtown in a major city, or in a manufacturing plant with over 300 workers. It’s not rocket science, you get the drift of my meaning.

At this giving time of year, help each other keep a look-out so no packages disappear from your friendly neighborhood.