I believe a good salesperson is one who likes other humans, has good people skills to start with, comes to work on time, is loyal to their brand and boss, and can smile despite any personal problems.

Retail is noted for not being a high paying job, yet much is demanded of the sales person. They are often taken for granted when we expect them to be able to answer our questions and instruct us about the product we are buying. They have to stock the shelves, tidy up after messy customers, check us out, and fill all sorts of demands we know nothing about. Luckily most sales people measure up.

Being a salesperson is not as easy as some people think it is. I have worked in a quilt shop and I can tell you when certain ladies walked in I suffered an emergency bathroom need because I knew how demanding and demeaning they were. On the other hand, most were friendly, appreciative of my knowledge and some became good friends.

During this Christmas season, with every day filled to bursting with daily life, extra chores, and shopping, you will probably see more salespeople than you usually do. I ask you to take just a second to see that person as a friend. Treat them with respect and kindness, especially if they help you in a specific way, or you see another customer be rude to them. It’s so easy to ignore the little things when we are so busy, but it’s so much more rewarding to focus on giving a free smile and a thank you to a hard worker. I guarantee you will improve their day and thus anyone else who expects them to be miracle workers.