The holidays are upon us….and I have read that “the holidays” start at Thanksgiving and carry through the Super Bowl because that is the time of year people overindulge in food, fun, booze, and gatherings. I don’t think there can ever be enough fun gatherings of family and friends, but you get the picture. It’s the time of year food takes a front seat no matter how hard we try to say or plan that it won’t. Maybe I am speaking for myself.

My husband is Jewish so out of respect for his background, I am one of those that says
“Happy Holidays.” I have worked with a wonderful man who was a Jehovah Witness, so I know there are others among us that do not celebrate Christmas. I have also worked in retail, and to be politically correct to all, “Happy Holidays” was more acceptable and less likely to offend. We could spend two pages on that discussion; let’s just say I was corrected by a few for saying the wrong thing, so gave up and said nothing unless I knew their beliefs.

So here we are a few days before Christmas, Hanukkah is over and I don’t even know when Kwanza is. I do know we will spend the next few days watching football so  planning for Super Bowl Sunday is still on the to-do list. Funny what we deem important. Anyway, the hubby is off for a week so my routine will be non-existent which means my solitary writing time in the morning probably won’t happen.

I will be thinking of my blogging friends and may take the time to share an event with you, but don’t count on it. What ever it is you are celebrating, and wherever you are doing it, I hope you do it with gusto. Enjoy your family and friends, have a lot of laughs and attempt to keep all the extra treats to a minimum. Oh the heck with it, we only have Christmas cookies once a year. Eat all you want. Just don’t say I didn’t try to warn you.