If you have ever wondered if I have a decorating theme in my house; the answer would be birds. But I’m a bird snob in that all of my birds are western New York state back yard songbirds and a few ducks thrown in for good measure. I have never counted how many different bird “things” I have in the house, but it’s a lot. I say things, because I have photographs, prints, placemats, a shower curtain, needlepoint, bells, figurines, painted eggs, feeders, a thermometer, a clock, window stickers, wall paper, books and one 3-D piece of owls done by Kurt Feurerherm that I paid a handsome price for. You can google his name if you’re interested.

Another part of my snobbishness includes the birds I own must be size proportionate to their natural state and the correct color. My grandson and I were together in a garden store recently and he pointed out a cute ceramic log with birds sitting on it. He looked at it a few seconds and said, “The gold finch is the same size as the cardinal, that isn’t right.” And I replied, “That’s why it isn’t good enough to add to my collection.” The color thing comes into play when I am in a fabric shop. My “girlies” will point out a new bird fabric we haven’t seen before thinking they have found me a treasure, then be a tad miffed when I say the birds aren’t the right color to be authentic, or they won’t be birds I see in my own back yard. Like flamingoes; they are not a New York bird, I don’t have any.

I must admit most of my inside birds are the same ones that visit my outside feeders on a daily basis. It’s fun to watch the different species as they vie for a spot to eat. Unfortunately the piggy sparrows get most of the food because they are the boldest, except for the blue jays. They announce their arrival and chase everyone else away. The titmouse and cardinals are my favorite because of their color and manners. We have four types of woodpeckers and I can attest to the fact the female downies are little bitches. They don’t like to share.

When you feed the birds outside, squirrels are a natural by-product. I took this picture yesterday and titled it “Footprints in the Snow.” We have no dog, nor kids; all the footprints are our resident squirrels and birds. It’s so cold today I felt sorry for them and put a tray of seed on the top step. It was empty in just over an hour but the doves and squirrels got the biggest portion. I’ll probably do it again tomorrow because the temp is near zero and the wind is a blowin’.

squirrel foorprints