I was recently in a friend’s home and we got on the subject of milk. Her comment, with a bit of a snobbish air, was, “Milk is only for babies. No adult should drink it because of how it is digested.” I didn’t know the explanation of  “how” so didn’t argue. I did have a private chuckle when she informed me we were having pizza for lunch with a healthy fruit and yogurt salad. I thought, “Do you know what pizza cheese and yogurt are made from?” I’m still wondering why eating a milk food product is different from drinking the base item because I was afraid to ask. Maybe I’ll bring up the subject another time, in another way, to see if I can get an explanation, perhaps next summer when I invite her for a drive to get ice cream.

I’ve mentioned before, I learned to hunt as a teenager. On hunting days I would have a hot cup of milk with Nestles Quick added. We didn’t have packets of instant cocoa that you mix with water in those days. Anyway, I chose the hot chocolate because I knew I wouldn’t have to go to the bathroom so soon after drinking it like I would after a cup of tea or coffee. I’ve always been the type who if I drink one cup of hot liquid I would have to “go” three times. The milk didn’t affect me that way, so there’s proof it digests differently. I think.

Anyway, milk by itself and so many products made from it that we call dairy products are one of the five essential food groups. I think parties without a cheese tray, cheeseless pizza or hot summer days without ice cream would be a real drag. I like dairy products, in most any form. I even know a family that puts milk in their home-made spaghetti sauce. Maybe I won’t ask my friend for an explanation. Sometimes ignorance is bliss and I certainly wouldn’t want to argue with her over something like milk. I’m afraid she might tell me to use almond, rice or coconut milk instead. I’ll take animal milk, thank you. Goat cheese is a favorite.