The blond brownie is a golden color with a mild molasses flavor achieved by using brown sugar instead of cocoa for flavoring. I find it interesting that the recipes I looked at and have made myself, all add some sort of chocolate to the blond brownie, usually in the form of chips. Now why not just make a chocolate brownie? Who knows? Humans are funny that way.

I must admit, even though I bake most everything from scratch, I buy chocolate brownie mixes. They are faster, less mess, and taste great, even the gluten-free ones. I haven’t looked for a blond brownie mix so don’t know if the same holds true for them.

When I was a kid we made Congo Squares. Who knows where the name came from. They were a blond brownie with butterscotch and chocolate chips added. We also put in chopped walnuts because Dad liked them that way. The fun came when it was time to test them with a toothpick to see if they were done. It was pretty hard not to hit a melted chip so the toothpick rarely came out clean. Sometimes the guess of it doesn’t need five more minutes was incorrect so the brownie base wasn’t quite finished cooking. No one seemed to mind, they disappeared just as fast. You could walk a full circle downstairs in our big old-fashioned New England style house so it was really easy to pass through the kitchen and cut off a “sliver” of brownie without being seen. No one ever fessed-up about how many “slivers” they had eaten and no one ever dare leave the pan empty if Dad hadn’t had his share.

Every once in a while I am at a function that has home-made desserts. If there is a blond brownie bursting with extra ingredients, that is what I choose. I’ve passed the sweeter the better stage, but the memories of home when I eat such a delight are worth it, especially with a good cup of hot coffee.