Do you like compliments? Do you give compliments? I’m over 60, but a real compliment still makes me perk up and smile wide, especially when a published writer tells me I have written something well. One of these days, if I stick to it, I’ll be able to say I am published too. I keep hearing it just takes grit and to never give up trying.

As an employee, in the day, it was always easier to do a good job when a manager gave me audible credit for doing so. I think all humans like praise. As a quilting teacher, I know my students try harder when I compliment their work. If you don’t know, lining up all those points in a quilt is the goal of any quilt maker and it takes accurate cutting, sewing and some practice to make it happen effortlessly.

My favorite pass-times are writing, quilting and cooking. Writing is the area I have the least experience in so the compliments mean more. Quilting I can just about do in my sleep, but a compliment still goes a long way. When my grandson was an infant I started inviting his parents for Sunday dinner. On one occasion his father said, “The best thing about having this baby is coming here for dinner.” Now, I would call that an off-handed compliment, but it’s one that resonates regularly.

When I think about how much I like compliments, it makes me remember to give them freely. A simple “well done”, or “good job” can inspire any age person to keep working with a good attitude. Or it can improve production and/or mental health. Go ahead, make someone’s day with a nice compliment or pat on the back.