National Opposite Day is a day to have fun all day long saying exactly opposite of what you really mean. This day has kids rejoicing everywhere. It is also a great day for adults to play along and break out of the winter blues. Maybe we should have dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner!

The origin of National Opposite Day is unknown. However, there are references dating back to President Calvin Coolidge in the 1920s. In the 1928 election, Coolidge made a statement to the press announcing, “I do not choose to run.”  That statement spurred a debate and left everyone wondering if he really meant the opposite.

FUN TIDBIT:   Sponge Bob Square Pants even got into the act, with an episode containing the whimsical nature of this day.

I’ve never heard of opposite day so I’m a bit wary. I would think there wouldn’t be a positive reaction if you tried it with someone who wasn’t aware of your intention. For instance if you said to a store cashier, “Have a crummy day.” But at home with your children I can hear the giggles when a youngster says, “Mom, I really do hate you,” with a big smile on their face and a hug to go with it. Or your husband telling you he doesn’t like dinner when you have prepared his favorite dish just the way he likes it. In fact at home, I can hear more laughter with everyone trying so hard to say the opposite and then someone saying something the right way. It could make dinner time memorable.

Since I have never heard of the day, I’m thinking the people I am most often around haven’t either, so I’ll leave well enough alone and say what I mean. Like: Happy Birthday to JAD who sometimes comments on my musings; I’m looking forward to lunch with my grandson: I hope dinner out at a new café is as good as the commercial says it will be. Just for fun, say those the opposite way. I think it becomes confusing….

I did have left over pork roast for breakfast so I’ve done my part. Have a stressful day my friends.